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audio advertising trends
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Before the pandemic, we would have suggested meeting in a nice sushi restaurant in London, and while we hope this will happen sometime in the future, today we invite you to the next best thing.

Join us as we explore:

An introduction to the audio advertising landscape to date

Why programmatic audio advertising deserves to be at the forefront of media plans in 2021

The latest innovations in online audio advertising

Let’s Connect on:

11:00 am 18.02.2021

The webinar will be held on Zoom platform.

Please be advised that we have a limited numer of seats and event is the invitation only. Sushi delivery Greater London only, subject to availability.


Programmatic Audio Is the New Video

The first session, “Programmatic Audio is the New Video” will serve up insights for marketing professionals looking to leverage the power of real-time, interactive audio ads via smart speakers.

Our Speakers

Octave Audio’s Product Strategy Lead

Anna-Lena Mikoteit

Anna-Lena is responsible for the product strategy at Octave Audio. Creating innovative and efficient commercial product offerings within Digital Audio. As part of the revenue team she empowers the sales operations and ensures commercial solutions really deliver for customers while always looking ahead to what is to come.

Head of Client Strategy at Omnicom Media Group

Simon Thomas

Working across multiple areas in programmatic at Omnicom Media Group UK part of Simon’s role includes heading up the Programmatic Audio offering. OMG Programmatic UK were early adopters of Programmatic Audio launching over 5 years ago. Since then they have won multiple awards for client work in audio such as ‘best use of creativity’ and ‘most effective media partnership’.

AdTonos CEO&Founder

Michal Marcinik

Michal Marcinik is CEO and Founder of AdTonos, an innovative platform for the programmatic audio industry. Michal held Managing Director positions for e-commerce companies, including Amazon’s subsidiary Amazon BuyVIP. Michal was awarded the IBM Design Thinking Practitioner license in 2018. His enthusiasm and drive as an entrepreneur have led him to being an E2E Ambassador since 2019, and he is an engaging speaker who loves to share his industry insights.

AdTonos Board Advisor, MD UK&Ireland at Sublime

Emir Teffaha


Emir is a digital media expert who has developed through his experience a clear vision of how a brand should interact with its audience. He enjoys working in emerging and challenging environments, being stretched to achieve goals, developing and nurturing ideas into successful projects and helping and supporting others do the same.

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1. Introduction by Emir Teffaha

What’s making audio advertising exciting today? How brands can benefit from audio marketing and why audio is more effective than video?

2. Publisher Perspective / Anna-Lena Mikoteit

The innovative technologies at the service of the audio publisher. What is available today and what opportunities are ahead.

3. Agency Perspective / Simon Thomas

Growing audio until now. What are the opportunities for brands in the year ahead for audio? How the future might look like?

4. A Sound Advantage / Michal Marcinik

Worldwide audio advertising landscape, trends and forecasts. What’s making audio advertising exciting today? Why it is more effective than video?

5. Discussion and Q&A moderated by Emir Teffaha

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