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Why digital audio?

Radio advertising has evolved. In the past, it was mainly available on terrestrial radio and for advertisers with large budgets. Today it is a modern advertising channel; a measurable, targeted broadcast on various devices including radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, music streaming services or in mobile applications. Digital audio ads are:

Able to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding. They do not compete with other advertising forms for the listener’s attention as you cannot ‘look away’ from them

Able to put your brand closer to the listener as the ad will be delivered directly to their ears

Able to enhance the perception of the company's offer through the use of a well-known audio publisheron

Are able to precisely target a specific audience, thus perfectly fitting into any media plan

AdTonos programmatic audio in numbers

Audio ads are used in the largest, most recognisable radio stations across the UK&Europe, the United States, India and the LATAM.

The accessibility of audio ads means you can buy ad space in multiple radio stations, mobile applications and podcasts from one platform.





A monthly audio slots for your ad will allow you to extend the reach of your advertising campaign. Also, by playing it on digital channels, you will create a closer relationship between your brand and your customers.





Your company’s audio campaign will reach the most active listeners from the selected target group.


targeting options

Age, gender, language, country, device, city, province, interests, purchasing intentions, special segments. It is possible to arrange dedicated targeted segments for your audio advertising campaign.

Audio is the new video

The online advertising market is saturated with intrusive, graphic video ads, but thanks to the nature of audio ads, it does not have to compete with other forms of advertising.

Audio, above all else, has several important advantages.



AdTonos audio

AdBlock Resistant
AdBlock Resistant
AdBlock Resistant
Low Intrusiveness
Low Intrusiveness
Low Intrusiveness

Why AdTonos?

The AdTonos platform provides advertisers with innovative tools and allows them to buy audio ads from various publishers in one place.

It also allows you to measure the results of the campaign in real time, and the statistics are available on the platform’s dashboard from the first time the ad is launched, 24/7.


On AdTonos, you can easily and quickly set up an audio campaign yourself. You will only pay for an ad slot when the ad has been broadcasted, which is known as Cost per Completed Playout, and you do not have to declare a minimum level for the budget.


Don’t know where to start and want us to help you set up your campaign? Write to us and we will assist you at every stage of the campaign launch without charging any additional fees!

Some of Our Publishers Worldwide

special offer

Tailored to your needs!

Our technology enables the entire campaign, including the recording of the spot, broadcasting an audio ad, remarketing and conversion tracking, We also have targeting segments, according to interests and shopping interests. We can offer you also special targeting segments. Explore sample audience segments and contact us. We will prepare the offer dedicated for your product.

Ad type & quality

8s, 15s, 20s, 30s

We offer standardised advertising slots. We accept mp3 files of 44kHz stereo quality, 128kpbs. Length tolerance +/- 1s.



An 8s, 15s, 20s or 30s advertisement played before the expected audio content. Available with any type of content.


An 8s, 15s, 20s or 30s advertisement played in the middle of listened audio content.
Available in music streaming, podcasts and audiobooks.


The 8s or 15s ad is the first ad in the block, followed by the 20s and 30s ads.

The proprietary technology of AdTonos, which is available in radio station streams, replaces the program elements specified by the publisher in real time and places targeted advertising in these slots.

Check the power of digital audio marketing!

Our advertisers have access to a lot of data that allows them to optimise audio campaigns and achieve better results. We share two types of reports: from the campaign launch and from Audiopixel™. For example, our reports include traffic tracking on the advertiser’s website for conversion calculation if integrated.

Download sample reports:

How do we measure the performance? Meet our original Audiopixel™!

We can track the traffic on your website and evaluate the effectiveness of the audio campaign; from the moment the audio ad is played to the listener until listeners visit your website.

Audiopixel™ can be easily integrated with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager so that campaign results from all advertising channels are available in one place.

Thanks to Audiopixel™, we are also able to remarket and play the same audio campaign to everyone who visited your website. We can also play targeted audio ads to different groups of website visitors who are looking at a specific product.

Campaign Calculator

Selected brands that launched audio campaign via AdTonos

Every seconds AdTonos plays an unique audio ad

Real-time data, no need to refresh the page.

How to start?

If you have an account on our platform and an audio slot has been prepared, 10 minutes is enough time to upload it to the platform and set up all of the campaign parameters.

The campaign order will be generated automatically, and after paying for it, the campaign will be accepted and broadcast. At the end of the month, you can download the invoice for the campaign directly from the platform using your profile.


On AdTonos you can launch any digital audio campaign any time. Sign up now, upload your creative (contact us if you need one), set the campaign options and you are good to go!


We are always happy to help our clients. If you want us to assist in creating your campaigns, please contact us.
Or maybe you want to use a different DSP platform? We are happy to help you launch your campaign on one of the 15 DSP platforms we are integrated with.


Missing the creative?

Bez obaw – przygotujemy ją dla Ciebie!


The production of audio advertising is several times cheaper than video. Our AdTonos Studio is able to prepare an audio file for your advertising campaign 24 hours a day. The basic version with one artist gives you the right to broadcast for the whole year. We can also order a special creative for you with the Very Important Voice. Contact us for a quote today!

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